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Another question about the site.

I am thinking about changing the theme and I was wondering out of the themes already installed on the site (under the “Change Theme” menu), which themes does everyone find easiest to use/like best?

The current theme is a pain in the ass. It is really poorly put together, so that changing anything ends up breaking 4 other things… I imagine that is a result of being a mod of an unstable mod of a bugged version of a mod of a mod of the basic WordPress theme, but I am fairly sick of it. Even if I end up staying with this design/color scheme, I will most likely re-make the theme from scratch when I have time.

So which do you like? You can switch through the themes using the “Change Theme” menu.

I originally chose this theme (3c Black letterhead) because it had 3 columns, but since the theme is so bugged I only have two items in the left column anyway, so honestly there’s really no point to staying with it.

Obviously disregard any buggy stuff on the other themes when evaluating. If I switch themes I will fix that stuff, it’s just gone untouched until now because I have only worked on the main theme. I am personally partial to the Thirteen theme, but if I use it I would widen the main content column, possibly make the whole theme elastic so it adjusts to user resolutions. If not that then maybe the Abstrack3c theme, as it’s the only other real 3 column theme on here (although the top drop down menu on WP Glass acts like a third column).

I don’t care if you are a regular visitor, or just dropped in for the first time, if you have a moment and an opinion please vote and help me out with this decision. Any comments or suggestions for other themes etc. are welcome in the comments.



  1. Kith Winter
    Posted August 7, 2006 at 9:18 am | Permalink

    Voted for Abstrakt3c, but Thirteen is alright, and I like the color scheme of blacknblue

  2. Posted August 7, 2006 at 10:11 pm | Permalink

    For some reason the spam filter snagged your comment which is why it took so long to show up =P

    I am actually leaning toward Abstrakt3c as well now, because it seems like it might be easy to mode into something more useful.

    I will most likely edit the color scheme and some other elements of whatever theme I use though. Assuming of course that I ever have free time again…

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