Star Trek Enterprise

Okay so I watched the first one or two episodes of Enterprise. Overall I like it, I think it has promise. I do have some problems with it though.

First problem (and biggest) is the really blatant sexual content they are trying cram into the show. It’s really ridiculous and contrived and so very very blatant.

In these pictures two of the crew are “decontaminating” each other…

The U.S.S. nippleship!

“Here, let me ‘decontaminate’ you, heh heh heh”

Yeah… right…

I don’t think they need to show this much, but if they are they don’t try and hide it behind some weakass plot device (decontamination gel my ass! or the vulcan’s rather), or if they are going to hide at least try and do it better. I mean they got Jolene Blalock because she is hot, no criticism to her acting skills or anything (I actually enjoy her as T’pol in the little bit of the show I have seen) but she was cast/they are using her as eye candy, if you’re going to have eye candy why would you make it the character least likely to behave as such? Ever heard of a vulcan strip club? This was the same thing with voyager, the hot new female is a borg. Why cast the “eye candy” as the cold, logical types who can only be seen showing skin through some twisted plot contrivance? It’s stupid.

Point is, if you are going to cast people to try and use sex to sell the show, then at least cast them as an appropriate character, and if you are going to force sexual content into a show where it doesn’t have much place try not to hide it so poorly, or better yet don’t force it in the first place. Seriously, the decontamination scene (this is in the 1st/2nd episode btw) was so forced and cheesy I felt embarrassed and I had nothing to do with it.

Other than that no real problems at the moment, but from what I have read (beware other people’s opinions ) it seems I am going to like the show less and less as it goes on because of the time travel stuff (seriously, sci-fi people, could we just stop with the time travel crap for awhile? How about a 10 year moratorium on the use of time travel in science fiction?), and apparent deviations from cannon/continuity for the sake of “we need better ratings”. We’ll see if I make it through the whole series.


  1. Kith Winter
    Posted September 1, 2006 at 12:25 am | Permalink

    Ttancm, right on the mark, as usual ;)

    But…you do have some deep rooted issues with time travel to begin with…Trying to cover something up, future-boy? ;) or was it a D&D game gone bad? :D

    I think that in Enterprise, they made too many excuses for T’pol to act non-vulcan…and I think that Enterprise shouldn’t have focused on time travel as they did in the later episodes, but I did like the show’s approach.

    Time travel is always a dicey issue in Sci-Fi. The problem, in my opinion, is that we all have different preconceived notions about time travel and what would be possible.

    PS… and knowing you, you -won’t- like the episodes when they get involved in the time travel. The first season was the best overall.

  2. Posted September 1, 2006 at 2:17 am | Permalink

    Not a guilty conscience or anything but the D&D remark is a good example of what I was trying to say. Time travel is too often used as an excuse. It’s used to “fix” things when they get all screwed up, but it usually just screws them up more.

    And for Sci-fi I think that unless the show is based upon a time travel concept (like quantum leap, a favorite of your family if I remember) I think it’s a mistake to include it at all, especially something with as complex and developed a continuity as Star Trek. There’s enough crap that needs be kept track of already without mucking about with time travel.

    From what I have read about Enterprise a lot of the decisions were based on things other than a “let’s make a good program” mindset. Even some of the actors (Blalock in particular) disagreed with a lot of the decisions (I know she disagree with the romantic relationship her character apparently gets into in later seasons).

    I think that is what is bothering me the most about Enterprise at this point. It has a lot of potential (sorry, had) to be a really good show, but I can already see where it’s going to go wrong in the first two episodes and that’s disappointing. It makes me wonder if it’s worthwhile investing my time in it at all, and there is a good chance I will quit watching it part way through.

    Still better off than Voyager though, I couldn’t stand that heap of crap from the start. I’ve still never been able to sit through an entire episode of it.

    Good lord this just turned into like a second post =P

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