I hate Sony

I really hate Sony. I used to be an avid Sony fan. They make good stuff (the cheaply made PS2 and mostly useless PSP aside, most Sony devices are quality made. So why do I hate them?

Well I have in my house between myself and my wife, 3 Sony digital cameras, 1 Sony video camera, 1 Sony notebook computer and one expensive-ass set of Sony headphones. They all need different adapters because Sony makes the connector for the adapters a different shape for every single device even though they all do the same thing and deliver the same amount of power. They all have different battery pack shapes, although again for all 3 camera it’s the same power, same function.

Why does Sony make things so inconvenient for its customers? Because they don’t want anyone making “econo-buy” versions of their adapters etc. because then they wouldn’t be able to sell Sony brand adapters for fully HALF THE PRICE OF THE CAMERAS.

Then we have the headphones. The only reason I bought the headphones was because the cord from the headphones can be detached and replaced. Every set of headphones I have ever had ends up broken because the wire breaks inside the insulation. So a set of headphones where I can just replace the wire sounded great.

Of course the first problem was that the side of the wire that plugs into the head phones is some weird shape which is really deeply embedded inside the headphones so that again I CAN’T USE ANYTHING BUT A SONY WIRE. Okay fine. So I have to buy a Sony wire if I need to replace it. About three months after I bought the headphones (which were $50) the wire gets broke, so off to the Sony website to find a new wire. Mind you, this is three months after I bought the headphones from this same website, but no headphone wire! Why? So I call Sony and the headphones have been discontinued and replaced with a newer model… THREE MONTHS! So I essentially bought these expensive headphones with the removeable and theoretically replaceable wire for 50 goddamn dollars, for no reason at all. So after explaining the situation to the operator she tells me that they still have some of the wires in stock and can sell me some, but they aren’t on the website because the item is officially discontinued. Okay, fine. So I go about ordering the wire and guess what… it costs $25… the headphones were only $50 in the first place… oh… and $5 for shipping and handling… motherfuckers… not only did I buy the goddamn headphones for pretty much no reason at all, but the damn wire broke faster than ANY OTHER HEADPHONES I HAVE EVER HAD!

I refuse to ever buy Sony again.

Here’s some other reasons to hate Sony.

Copying competitors
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General shitty customer abusing jerkoff practices
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And exploding batteries
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Racist advertisements
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