More Enterprise


So I’ve been watching the rest of Star Trek Boobyprise Enterprise and it is definitely getting worse as the series goes on. This “journey into the unknown regions” shtick isn’t very good and it seems like a really weak attempt to try and “spice” up the show.

Major problems in these later episodes.

  1. Something happens to T’pol every other episode which causes her to lose control of her emotions. Yeah we get it, it’s old already.
  2. “Genre” episodes. This has been a problem with all the “newer treks” and I imagine a lot of it stems from the fact that the same top level people were involved in all of them. The “zombie movie” (impulse, season 3 ep. 5) episode, the “mystery” episode, the “cowboy-western” episode, the “thriller” and “comedy” episodes, etc. Kind of irritating. It would be nice if they could maybe manage to make episodes without almost totally focusing on one aspect, e.g. this is going to be a “funny” episode, this is going to be a “scary” episode. If they wanted to make a cowboy show, or a comedy, or any of those other things they should have done so, not try to change this show into something it’s not.
  3. Too much showing off T’pol’s body. This was a problem from the very first episode and has only gotten worse and more blatant. I can’t imagine what type of sophomoric-minded moron thought these T&A scenes would fit into the show unnoticed, but I suppose I can kind of guess who is to blame.
  4. Really erratic character development and personalities. In almost every episode up until the second season Archer interferes with some alien race or another, but when Tucker does it once (in 2×22 Cogenitor) Archer tears him a new asshole even though what he did was nearly identical to some of the things that Archer himself does. Archer even goes so far as to say “no I wouldn’t have done that”. It was a really badly written episode and extraordinarily out of character for Archer, I don’t know what the hell the point was or if the people responsible felt that was an important (or even decent) episode, but it was absolute crap.
  5. The Xindi and the attack on earth. No, they don’t mention every historical event in the previous (future) series, but you’d think that between TNG, DS9 and VOY somebody, somewhere would have maybe mentioned that Earth was attacked by aliens in the past and 7 million people died. Bah!
  6. The borg. I imagine that the thought behind this episode was something along the lines of, “could we make a more blatant grab for ratings than showing T’pol’s nipples every other scene? I know! We’ll put the borg in! Everyone likes them! Forget the fact that we already completely screwed them up with that crap movie!”
  7. THEME. SONG. Seriously. I didn’t like it in the first place. Star Trek should have the nice instrumental music we have all gotten used to and come to expect. Not something that sounds like it should be at the beginning of 90210. Then just when I got accustomed to hearing it, they change it into an even worse version in season 3. The old versions sounded like a garage band, cock-rock ballad and the new versions sounds like some trying karaoke version of it. Good job… blah.
  8. The whole “these guys did it first” thing. Yes, yes, they are before the original series, but is it neccessary to try and make it seem like the crew of this enterprise did everything before those from the other series from running into the borg and the ferengi to discovering time travel, having a vulcan officer etc. etc.
  9. Episodes that start off making me think I missed an episode in between because I have no idea what the hell is going on.

So far it’s looking like everything from the beginning of the 3rd season onward is going to suck ass.

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