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NOTE: 4/26/07
Hello people visiting from http://www.karatechics.com. There have been a ton of you hitting this post in the past few days.

I’m not a member at your forum so I can’t actually see what the link here is, but from the name of your site I’m guessing it’s something to do with this being a post about a female karate-ka, and hopefully not someone pointing out what a crappy site and post this is. =)

Anyway, hope there is something interesting or useful for you here and feel free to leave a comment or mail me if you have any questions, I can provide any better info or translations of whatever it is you have all come here looking for, or even just to say hello. =P

If you’re interested in martial arts in general you might also find this post interesting or if you are just interested in cute Japanese girls you might find a friend’s site (http://www.womenofjapan.net) interesting (contains pictures of women in suggestive poses/clothing, stay away if you are offended by such, most definitely NSFW). If you bug him enough the admin (Bojangles) might even try to find some more pics and vids of Kobayashi to post over there.

Was just reading up on Yuka Kobayashi (link jumps to an always hilarious google translation of her Japanese wikipedia article).

Yuka is a karate practitioner in Japan. She is also a tiny, cute girl. Seriously, she’s tiny, 150cm (4’11”), 44kg (97lbs), but she kicks butt. As of the end of 2005 her record was 171 wins, 18 losses, with 41 first place tournament wins, 9 second place and 6 third place.

Pretty impressive. A couple of amusing videos below.

This is a clip of her on a sports variety show with several clips of her fights.
The talk at the beginning is basically her explaining how when she is hit it kinda makes her feel good even though it hurts. The host (Hamada of comedy duo Downtown) then accuses her of being masochistic, which she denies while giggling.
The next text says something along the lines of “Martial Arts” aren’t just for men!
It then shows some clips of her against much bigger opponents.
Shows her 174 wins in 194 fights. (the video is newer than the states I posted above).
She then demonstrates some kicks and punches (with a more prepared partner than the video below).
A little bit of talk wherein the “masochist” teasing continues and at the end she says how she gets angry when being call “small” in a certain way by opponents/people at fights and then uses that anger during the fight.

A clip where Kobayashi is a guest on a variety show and is going to demonstrate her Karate skills. Manabe Kawori, a Japanese model/variety show performer/actress is selected to hold the mitt and is sent flying.

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