Youtube Crap

I have begun to really dislike YouTube and Google.

YouTube has been pulling videos left and right for a variety of dubious reasons, most often citing copyright infringement, even for parodies which are protected under copyright law. It seems that they pull videos without any actual thought or investigation into the legitimacy of the copyright/other claims as soon as they are issued a complaint.

I can honestly understand pulling entire movies or works that might actually damage the sales of a product, but seriously, clips of TV shows. commercials and fan-made parodies?

For TV shows I honestly don’t care if it’s an entire episode, if it’s on publicly available TV I think it should be fair game, cable TV and pay channels I might think a bit differently about. But the majority of the stuff being pulled isn’t even entire episodes. It’s clips, short clips of shows or single skits or what not. Things that honestly aren’t hurting sales because if all people are interested in is that single clip odds are they aren’t going to buy a whole bunch of other crap to get it. This is the same kind of thinking that killed CDs. People got sick of spending money for a CD with 20 songs, 29 of which they didn’t want to listen to.

Now all of this was bad enough, but I can understand it in light of the current insane copyright laws we have (hey, did ya know copyright was originally intended to promote the creation of new works, not secure money grubbing rights for corporations into eternity?) and the asshole practices of major corporations. But! Now we have them pulling clips, blocking access and PROVIDING USER INFORMATION TO FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS based on dubious charges.

The company (Google) has said it is open to data requests from foreign governments as long as they comply with U.S. laws and are issued within the country in which the information is stored.


I can understand cooperating to an extent, with the authorities in the country the service is being provided in, or the country of which the user in question is a citizen of, but unless we are talking about murder, rape, human-trafficking or the like, I don’t want my information provided to any foreign government. Not that I am involved in any of the aforementioned crimes, but even in those cases I wonder how much the claims of other governments should be acknowledged. Having lived in the number of countries I have, there are a fair share of laws (and corresponding punishments) that I find wacky beyond belief (see Japanese privacy laws) and I’d rather not be subject to them if I don’t live in the country in question.

This has all been coming up in the news lately because of a story (the one linked as the source of the above quote) in the news lately about a video of Brazilian model Daniela Cicarelli and her boyfriend “frolicking” on the beach.

Now, I won’t say that stars don’t deserve some privacy, and I agree that newshounds go way overboard a lot of the time, but the way I see it is, if you want privacy, DON’T FUCK ON A PUBLIC BEACH DIPSHITS.

Seriously, not defending the taking or release of this video, but, being a high-profile celebrity, maybe, just maybe, it might be a good idea to keep you pants on in public??

Anyway, Googletube is hunting down these videos and removing and deleting people’s users accounts and apparently in discussions about turning over the information of users who post said videos to the Brazilian government. As of right now Google is appealing a Brazilian court decision to turn over info, but if they lose the appeal will they turn it over? At what point do companies who are entrusted with our personal information say “no” to the demands of other countries, or do they ever? Do they fight until they have exhausted all legal options in the country of complaint and then give in? Do I need to be aware of the laws and pseudo-laws of every country on the planet if I am going to be using your WWW-based service, for fear that I may be called to task for something that is perfectly legal and allowable in the country where I am using that service from?

The Brazilian supermodel case is really just one of any number of examples that have cropped up lately, and it is just an extra added problem to the already existing YouTube problems of having videos pulled for no/dubious reasons and having content which you have linked on your site (e.g. embedded videos) disappearing suddenly, thus leaving you with an article or summary and not the video it was written about.

Youtube has really started to become more trouble than it is worth for me.

I have already begun locally hosting a lot of the videos I use on this site when they disappear from Youtube and will continue to do so. If you find a video on this site that isn’t working, or has been “removed due to terms of use violation” or “removed by user” or whatever, let me know, either using the comments for that post or via the contact form, and I will rehost the video here if I have/can find a copy of it.

The only reasons I use Youtube at all are 1. to save bandwidth and 2. to generate hits for this site, so I will probably continue to post some videos there, but I will be more selective in what I post there, and I may switch over to posting the videos there but also hosting them here for embedding on this site.

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