Dreamhost RAMPAGE!

Been reading (poking fun at) the comments over at the two latest posts on the dreamhost status blog while working to kill time and they are HILARIOUS!

Posts are here, and include such wonderful trollish items as no less that 2 people claiming to make $10,000+ in less than 5 hours from their websites and tons of people who charge their customers to host sites on a discount, shared hosting provider!


This one especially was great. Posted in Chinese, after a run through the magical google translation engine it is comedy gold:

You are not entirely evolution of life, the alien gene mutation, the kindergarten level in high school.
Down the frog congenital head Everest snowman abandoned, septic tanks blocked the assailants.
* engage black descendants of Africans, an imbalance between yin and yang, the chimpanzee, was Noah’s Ark of the pressure Hippo, the new volcanic eruption mouth.

Super shameless voice megaphone, the Eskimo’s shame, and the survival of cockroaches were super individuals, The semi-decomposed plant vitality, the stench from garbage, “spurned” the source term.

Third day of the dinosaur degradation, the strongest of waste materials in human history, God fumbled fall down to the old washing machine.

brain can think of no biological, damaged the reputation of the Asian compatriots scourge, the descendants of ancestors feel shame.

Millennium deposition of soil organic matter, scientists are not primitive species research, a 10-fold concentration of petroleum sedimentary material, Ronald McDonald was the disfigurement, such abhorrent guy you like his television show : only a soiled Godot.

Saguo roadside dog urine was smaller than the gum, even the ugly Marshal you are more than 10 times.

have to go to the zoo or even to find a girlfriend to leave the Earth, Someone advised not to leave your body will try to commit suicide to prevent pollution of the environment.

Even Richard bar on the keyboard techniques you have to live protozoa, spouting words to the deadly than SARS has.

can be equipped with the lovely moments of population growth, Marshal Shuaku equipment used only on the human reproductive clones.

When you idiots can teachers, disabled people can teach you that, If you want to emigrate to Mars rise to the hole in the ozone layer will have to leave you.

If you can be the ugly world of the nuclear power plant can be stopped. fight the bullets flying missiles will not help you, you will see a grenade blew.

Twin plane run into someone you have parachuted down and have the same power. change all the places you visited monuments, you will become visited historical monuments.

18 know your life will never succeed, even into the sun are not enough environmental anyway regardless sentence : Do not let me see you, if you are renowned, I have to get you to death!

Curse Talk : Sci-forgotten (Wang) 81 ears, ears of a small-fighting dogs in the custody of a powder after Gengwo – Youzi not 21 days against the chicken-villain three dog days of summer sell the meat-smelly cargo 1.30 commander-mouth wash does not generate three-piece mouths of three years without Eshi-soiled inflation (nonsense) Custody of the girl-things big ugly bastard Latin America – the land lords are digging your eyes – blind ghosts sky drop bean dregs-the pigs Spring rolled into pot-asshole one-day drop box-500 money in two dogs Brush – 250 cousins pest house-greens eggs atop incontinence. Under suppurative foot-bad enough DONGYUEMIAO Lane erhu – we inhabit, our gui are always with us on a stone chicken coop Lane-old pigs asshole on carcasses-the knife Cargo tiger dragged clothing – is not popular with his younger brother, her brother-you Suanlaoji burning ashes, we can neither Lane yam – are ash (mixed) eggs Lane spreading sesame soy-hybrids to come out of reward-seeking ghosts floral hanged powder-death shameless meat bones to beat a drum-dirty (deaf) are keen bones are meat-dishes (deaf) serve all of boiled meat-dishes (faint) beam eggs back bone umbilical incontinence eyes, sex-bad enough pockets of the pro-stinking Xiaodi Zhongxin Dailly –sticking shameless cloak-Fan forward instead of people give-drain when he was mad, hi-foul scholar Maofang fight Lantern Lane – Zhao Shi (looking for trouble) sneezing dog-dog on the 3rd sunny bite beggars-bitten skin of animals are deceptive shadow-no little flavor king Yawning-a king lying in the mouths whiplash-the-mood-elevating know.

Health donkeys do not know death in front of the camel-emergence strange kind Farming is not-bad kind of act clothes look-see saw symmetry in the dog Saddam Eshi – stresses spreading lies in the grain sorghum to the non-hybrid blacksmith’s forge the top-belt attack goods hometowns platform-not dead Ghosts of Hades out notices-inside the mind of Buddha-Painting Plum Blossom not mind the snow-dog baseboard Hall Lane linked use of animal skin – outrageous cat climbed down caldron-painted images dog De gangster-thief on your form or delight and absorption in Chuk Yuen Wing-up with the (1000) death Diarrhea monkey-bad hand on top of a wall of the intestines-not the animals at the mercy of blind playing back-gab Yama’s grandfather-old How shameful that one of ghosts?

1. of breathtaking creative… .. ah
2. you pig pro when he was over?
3. If you have a very patriotic pride is very dedicated
4. grown really creative, really the courage to live!
5. you really tm long after modern
6. it seems that you have the accident scene
7. If you are not allowed to form very well, the proportion of
8. you stopped doing with ass face!
9. I think that the world’s only two kinds of people attractive, you is this is a pretty special
10. You looked very refreshing
11. that go up in smoke, you need to re-create
12. rebuilt, how can you tell the governing pig? ? This is too outrageous! What parents who can not like what people called! How can you say you look like a pig? It is an insult to the pigs.
13. on, you better believe the TMD shape.
14. science fiction is a long, long abstract!
15. seen ugly and have never seen such a sham. At first glance quite ugly, with a detailed look more ugly!
16. of innocent people long Sorry Sorry party.
17. you have to slow down the speed Internet, you too long in the memory consumption of
18. You two kilometers naked after me, I think that my head back a rogue!
19. and her brother, Resolution reduction in the face of the points you alright?
20. you have the rules!
21. 22. international faces generic world, looking at him very regrettable : “whole operation can come back? ”
23. you break the appearance of the human imagination…
24. Zhang is very Fauvist you! !
25. you have not completely evolution, long a human being you really hard.
26. I want to see your words, you are buried in your face while making the buttocks Why? … Oh? Sorry, I do not know if it is your face, your ass off?
27. I do not want to fight against you. You come to the zoo to see whether there is a suitable job for you, you could easily be in the streets and run around shooting the police.
28. MMD, I have never seen such a long archaeological value.
29. long a place of windblown rock and sand pavilion stands

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