Okay stuff seems to be working

Okay, have been messing with the site some more and everything seems to be working.

I cleaned out the CSS a bit, and the site now appears to be displaying properly in IE 7. I have no idea what it looks like in IE6 anymore and I don’t care, upgrade, even with the trouble it caused me it’s worthwhile to replace the beast that is IE6 and honestly IE7 is pretty nice. The antialiasing effect on IE7 is really pretty, and, and, and…. it’s faster than Firefox 2…! Not that I’ll be switching it to it as my main browser again anytime soon (I love my FF extensions too much), but it is a hell of an improvement (other than the horrible installation procedure and the layout of the menu bars).

I am not sure what it looks like on other browsers. I haven’t been to the office of the company where I had access to Macs and I don’t own one (feel free to buy me one, I’m not opposed to Macs in and of themselves, just their price) so I can’t test it on Safari or any other Mac version browser. Feel free to let me know in the comments if it is horribly broken on any of those browsers (I know there are a few of you viewing the site with Safari at least) although I have no idea how I will go about fixing it =)

Otherwise tweaked the padding and margins and such here and there, cut a pretty big chunk of redundant/unused CSS out and hopefully made things a tiny bit faster and stable, but who knows.

Messing with the CSS also allowed me to get Lightbox 2 running again without destroying the site layout (although I don’t know what it looks like on IE 6, but as I’ve said above, I don’t care anymore).

As always I am open to suggestions on the design or whatever of the site.

With that, I actually have a couple of questions I would like opinions on. I don’t care if you are a regular reader of the site, or just stopped in randomly, if you have an opinion I’d like to hear it.

Those two things are.

  1. Currently the main site theme is this light text on dark/black background, however I know that some people dislike this type of styling. Do you think I should make a dark text (i.e. black) on light background (i.e. white) style for the site so that you could choose which you prefer?
  2. This kind of relates to the recent changes I have made with links to external sites and whatnot. Normally when I post a link to an external site I try to include and image (especially if the external link is for something visual like images, videos, flash etc.).

    Right now a 100×75 pixel thumbnail image is displayed, and when you click the image it either displays it in a lightbox, or displays the fullsize image directly in your current browser window (depending on whether you have Javascript enabled or not).

    Here’s an example of how things currently work:


    And what I am thinking of doing:


    I am not sure how useful/user-friendly this is and so I have 2 questions about it.

    1. Should the images be linked to the external site so that when they are clicked on it opens the site being linked, rather than just a larger image of whatever it is being linked?
    2. If the images are linked would you prefer larger thumbnail images?

I’ll include some polls here in this post so you can vote on these without too much trouble, or if you have something more to say than just choosing a poll option then let me know in the comments! You don’t need to register to leave comments and E-mail addresses aren’t displayed.

Here’s the polls.

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