About the contributors to the site

The main contributors to this site are (at the moment anyway),


ME! I’m 28 (or 29, I forget) years old and from Philadephia in the U.S. I currently live in Tokyo Japan, and have been here for 6 years or so now. I work as a freelance translator (Japanese -> English) so I spend a lot of time in front of the PC (seriously, somedays I don’t move more than 3-4 meters between waking up and going to sleep again) for work, and figured that I may as well have something else to do on the PC when I’m procrastinating during downtime.

And as a fun side note I’ve just noticed that putting the words “freelance”, “translator” and “Japan” on this page brings up Google ads for my competitors! WONDERFUL! Maybe I’ll go back through later and intentionally misspell everything =P

Interests: Languages (particularly Japanese), money (again, at the moment anyway, particularly Japanese), PC games, writing fiction, building horrible-looking furniture for my horrible-looking house and wasting time on the Webbernet.


Hellopike is from my hometown and I’ve known him for much too long. I haven’t asked him to write an introduction or anything for the site yet, so I figured I would just fill in this space for him for the time being. If you want more information about him (god only knows why you would) you can visit his website at http://hellopike.com/.

Pikeyboy is a photographer (and a damn good one, but don’t let him know I told you) and designer, so if you’re into those sort of things visit his site at the above link.

Interests: Homoerotica, eating babies, transformers, toys, photography, design, music blah blah blah.

Kith Winter:

Kith is also originally from nearby where I grew up (in the ghettooooo), and I have known him for years as well. Very knowledgable about computerhoozidigits, he’s also very big (not “are you gonna finish that?”-type big, but “write anything here that I don’t want you to and I’ll squash you like the bug you are”-type big) and has approximately 45,000 or so children (or something like that).

Interests: PCs, RPGs, rugrats, violence and I dunno what else, what are you up to these days anyway Kith?

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