Dreamhost Discount Promotion Code


Promotion code for the maximum Dreamhost discount possible. US$97 (that’s 97 United States dollars) discount! Either click this link 97DOLLARDISCOUNT or just manually enter the promotion code 97DOLLARDISCOUNT when you sign up (in the “Promo Code or email of who referred you:” section)! See below for full details.


So this website is hosted with Dreamhost.com and they have this referrals program. Essentially for every person I refer I can get paid up to $97. The thing is, I can offer some of that $97 to those people I refer as a discount using a promotion code. If you search the Web you can find tons of these promotion codes for Dreamhost, but most of them only offer a portion of the $97.

Well this a promo code for the whole $97 (the discount amount depends on the type of account you sign up for).

Why, you may ask, would I give away my entire referral bonus? Because I also get a $5 bonus for every person that my referrals refer (refer madness!… sorry). So whereas the person I refer gets up to a $97 discount and I get squat, if the person I referred goes on to refer other people I get $5 per person, which I can than apply to my hosting account and hopefully cut the costs of my own hosting even more and continue to bring you the bundle of joy that is this site (wink wink).

So if you’re in the market for a good host and you were thinking about Dreamhost anyway, you may as well use this promotion code for nice discount.


Here’s the details of the discount and how much you can save on the different plans, this is an image direct from my dreamhost account.


And while we’re at it Dreamhost has a really nice promotion going right now to make for some really cheap hosting options…


Overall I’ve had a good experience with them. If you like shirt and tie, stuffy professionalism you may be disappointed. They tend to be more on the friendly side of things, and don’t tend to be too formal (read: stuffy, distant, anal) about anything. Their status site, http://dreamhoststatus.com/ is filled with jokes and status reports along the lines of “server A went bonkers”, but I prefer it to techno-corporate borg-speak (“due to circumstances beyond our control, technical difficulties, blah blah, assume no responsibility blah blah” etc.) and anytime I have had a problem they have gotten back to me via email the same day, even when I specified that I didn’t need an immediate response. Overall I’m happy with the service and am happy to recommend them (and not just because of possible discounts for me, wink wink nudge nudge).

Please note however, they provide shared webhosting. That means your stuff is on a machine with several other people’s, etc. etc. They have no guaranteed uptimes, or anything of the sort, they don’t reimburse you for money lost if you make millions of your google ads every hour of the day etc. If you have a mission critical site, which has to stay up 24/7/365, then you shouldn’t put all of your apples in one basket anyway. You should secure a redundant host elsewhere to make sure you site stays up.

And if you run a business where you make significant amounts of money or charge customers for hosting you really shouldn’t be looking at a shared hosting service anyway.

But if you’re in the market for a shared Webhost and prefer friendly and responsive to cold and corporate, give them a try and save a little money at the same time by using the promo code when you sign up.




And not that I expect it (but I sure won’t turn it down), but if anyone is interested in throwing some change my way to help support this website and all the wonderful content therein you can use one of these codes for a slightly lesser discount while simultaneously donating the rest directly towards my hosting fees. (Click the images to enlarge the discount charts)


– gives me 2 dollars towards hosting so subtract 2 dollars from the discounts above.


– if you’re feeling really generous a whole 5 bucks for my hosting and still a $92 discount for you!


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