As a lot of the people reading this site know, I am a translator. This means that most of the time I have the pleasure of working at home. It also means that I am practically glued to my PC for the better part of a day.

If I don’t actually have any work to do immediately, I have to sit around waiting on E-mail and various chat-type programs for work to show up, since as a freelancer, often times how much work you get depends on how fast you can respond. If I take too long to reply to an email, or miss a message, then the client/company will send the work to another translator, because they have no idea when I will get around to replying or whether or not I will be able to accept the work when I do. All they know is that they have work which needs immediate attention and they can’t get ahold of me.

So, being at the computer anyway, most of my interests and hobbies have become tied up with the computer or the internet. A lot of times these are just to kill time between jobs, or even just to let me zone out a bit while I take a 10 minute or so break from a particularly mind-numbing project or whatnot.

One of those hobbies is reading webcomics.

I used to love reading the comics in the newspaper when I was a kid, but I haven’t even seen an American newspaper in years, let alone thought about buying one. Webcomics are comics which are online and usually for free. I only read the free ones.

I have this huge list of comics which I check once a day/week/blue moon depending on how often they update, and I usually end up adding new comics and deleting ones that don’t hold my interest.

There are a few of these webcomics which have managed to hold my interest for a long time which I would like to introduce to people via this website.

I will do this by occasionally (probably several times over the next few days in particular) a few strips from the comic I liked and posting the URL to the comic’s website so that you can find more if you so choose.

One of the weird habits I developed reading these webcomics is that if I find a given strip particularly amusing (i.e. it actually causes me to laugh out loud, pardon my n3tsp34k), I end up saving the strip on my pc. What about the strip I found interesting can vary. A lot of the time I look back at the strips I have saved and couldn’t say what made me laugh in the first place, but the most of those saved from the strips I have been reading for awhile still tend to make me laugh, so I will use those to introduce the webcomics on this site.

I’ve already introduced one or two, and you can always view all the posts related to webcomics by viewing the Webcomics category over on the menu to the left (or you know, click that link I just put in there).

So anyway, I’ll start this off right away in the next post.

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