Denki Groove Flashback Disco

Really weird video from Denki Groove

An anthropomorphic cow which blows smoke from it’s nose singing and dancing along to music by some weird pokemon looking dj who is also cooking something in an oven while djing…

Yeah, I dunno, just watch it, it’s interesting.

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Revenge of the Japanese Pizza

I think we all need to laugh if for nothing else, than just to try and get over some of the horror and revulsion at recent events.

And what better way to do it than to so than to fall back on the age old standards of differing tastes and cultural misunderstandings.

I just got an email from Pizzahut Japan‘s pizza hut club (which I am a member of because we order a pizza once a month, which isn’t as small a deal as you might think since they charge $30 a pop). The email had a link to a questionnaire about some new pizza ideas they have and which we would best like see for sale.

I’ve done this a couple of times, and while my choices always lose, this time I couldn’t pick any that I would actually want to eat under any circumstances, and since they included pictures I thought I’d share them with you so we could all collectively share the “eww, they actually eat that, ha ha ha, those wacky Japanese”.

Without further adieu…

From top left to bottom right:

  1. Japanese Sukyaki Pizza: Boiled beef, leeks, mushrooms, and egg salad…
  2. Puffy Omlette Pizza: More boiled beef, musrooms, red peppers, demiglace sauce and all that yellow stuff? No, not cheese, half cooked scrambled eggs… I think this one actually looks like someone defecated on top of the pizza…
  3. Octopus, Mayonnaise, Garlic Pizza: Also with shrimp, squid and something called garlic spray…
  4. Special Chicken Curry Pizza: Do I even need to explain this? The chicken is smoked if that makes a difference…
  5. Pork Mustard Pizza: Also with barbecue sauce!

And remember, a large one of these is gonna run you close to U.S.$30!

If you’re interested I’ve written about Japanese pizza before here.
And written about Japanese food in general here.

Virginia Tech, Nagasaki, scary world…

Saw the news about Virginia Tech a bit earlier. Scary stuff. I don’t want to try and coop tragedy for political motives and I’m not advocating a complete ban on firearms or anything, but I think Virginia might want to rethink their gun laws a bit.

I can’t find any mention of it in the U.S. news (online) but the news here reports the shooter was a Chinese exchange student ,news just changed that to Korean ? I can’t really think of a very convincing argument for exchange students being allowed to buy weapons…

In news from this side of the world, the mayor of Nagasaki has been shot. No real details yet, but I’m betting on Yakuza, Nagasaki being Nagasaki after all.

Overall, yet another day that makes me want to move out to the country away from other people and lock myself, my friends and family indoors.

Biohazard with Mario Sounds

If anyone ever comes up with a way to become rich without working, let me know.

In the meantime, have some videos of Biohazard with Mario Bros. sounds dubbed in.

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YouTube Preview Image
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Pokemon + bronx accent = hilarity

Be warned foul language, and you may spontaneously devolve after watching this…

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