Star Wars Mailboxes and Garbage Cans and Stamps and…

Lots of stuff related to the Star Wars 30th anniversary lately.

First R2D2 mailboxes:

Details here.

Then we have the U.S. post office issuing Star Wars stamps:
You can go vote on which stamp you want to be made here.

And now, on sale in Japan, a $140 R2D2 trashcan (although I really doubt this is officially licensed).

Product page here (in Japanese).
I think $140 is a bit much for a plastic trash pail, so am I weird for still wanting one? Though it does come with the above pictured pez dispenser keychains if you “ORDER NOW!!!11oneoneleventyone!!” .

Why I hate the original Star Trek

Here’s a reason why I hate the original Star Trek series.

A video of what is possibly the worst fight scene ever from the TOS Arena episode. Shatner is hammy, hammy, hack, the not-so-special effects and costumes are terrible, and it just makes no damn sense.

Also, why the hell does Spock repeat everything?

George Lucas Lord of the Rings

What if George Lucas made the LotR movies?

Very funny, and dead on parody animation. Mind you, I’m not the biggest fan of the Peter Jackson movies either, but I really think Lucas has either lost his mind or just doesn’t give a shit anymore.


Oh god, so tired of technical manuals… so very, very tired of documents about hydraulic turbines…

On top of STILL being buried in work, it seems that either I am also losing my mind or the outside world has gone mad(der?).

As I have been sitting here working on this goddamned tripe lovely bill paying work today all kinds of weird things have been happening outside, which I have only glimpsed through the doorphone camera since I haven’t set so much as a pinky toe outside of the apartment in 4 days.

  1. the kids at the Junior high school across the street spontaneously all started singing at the top of their lungs, something that has never happened before in 4 years of living here.
  2. Ambulances and police cars have been flying past with their sirens blazing all day
  3. A group of 6-10 teens to earlier 20 something boys gathered out front of my apartment, all riding bicycles, and all wearing the exact same type of light tan hooded sweatshirt. Just parked their bikes in the street, carried on a loud conversation amongst themselves and constantly using cell phone, then moved on. Somewhat disturbing, and requiring me to peek out the door phone at them because being across the street from a Jr. High and having neighbors with punk ass kids, we often get the little bastards vandalizing/stealing from/generally fucking with our home.
  4. Someone wandered seemingly pointlessly around my apartment for about 15 minutes shouting out something in a language neither I or my wife could recognize, and although it sounded like they were talking to someone, they were alone.
  5. And then, just to top everything all off, not 5 minutes ago someone strolled by my apartment while playing a flute like some weird modern day Pan. Maybe it was the pied piper trying to get the rats out of my ceiling?

Raspberry in slow motion

Really, really busy… Behind (that means I missed my delivery date and clients are pissed) on a big project so no time to do much on here.

So here, have a video of someone blowing a raspberry in slow motion.


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