Enterprise Finale

I just finished watching the last episode of Enterprise. So despite my earlier doubts I did make it through the entire series.

The time travel thing was overall kind of dumb, and honestly it just kind of faded away rather than actually reaching any kind of satisfying conclusion (the whole Xindi thing, but that didn’t really focus much on the Temporal Cold War thing).

Overall I enjoyed the series. I think it had a lot of flaws, and it could have been a hell of a lot better, but I really enjoyed the performance the cast of the show gave and I liked a lot of the characters ( Sometimes seemingly despite the writer’s/producer’s efforts to wreck the series) thanks to the wonderful cast.

But! (knew this was coming right?) I hated the last episode. That was the most utter crap series finale.

Biggest problem, the killed off a major character for NO REASON AT ALL. I mean what the hell? They couldn’t have just left the character alone for the 45 minutes of the last episode? It wasn’t “dramatic” or “touching” or “meaningful” or any of that, it just annoyed the shit out of me and left a really bad taste in my mouth about the series overall. It just seemed like a mean and pointless thing they did, and I can’t fathom why they would have done it except to maybe try and make the final episode seem “meaningful” or “heartfelt” because the majority of the rest of the story was crap.

They didn’t even show Archer’s speech. What the hell! And on top of that they don’t tell you what happens/will happen to all the characters. The series finales resolves more or less nothing and then leaves you up in the air. Crap.

Also, the appearance of the Next Gen people and ship, while as fan it was neat to see them again, was an absolute shit thing to do to the cast of Enterprise. It was their last episode, at least let THEM, the actual cast of the show, have the last episode. It struck me as some sort of bizarre strive for ratings at a point when it was much too late, or else “somebody” just wanted to try and throw their old glories on the screen as the newest series is canceled due to its lousy ratings.

Most horribly disappointing finale I’ve ever had to watch.

Feel free to add any comments, opinions etc. in the comments.


  1. Mike
    Posted June 2, 2008 at 4:59 am | Permalink

    The serie started off so well. I watched the first two seasons with interest. Then came the Xindi saga… at first I found it interesting but it quickly started to drag on and to become very predictable, like the writters were so running out of ideas that they stretched that episode to its furthest limits. Then they found nothing better than to “surprize” us with two episodes of an evil Enterprise (not even an original idea… see DS9 and evil Empress Kira). That was a warning sign for what was to come with the final episode. A suddenly suicidal Trip, later “reincarnated” and going God knows where), it was so disrespectful to all the characters, as if they were mere disposable holographic material, even so they should have deserved more respect according to the Star Trek tradition (ask Robert Picardo what he’d have thought of that treatment!). I didn’t find Terra Prime to original either, it was like a rerun of the Xindi thread, only the poignant Trip/T’pol relationship was worth watching. For a few minutes emotion ran high as they finally became a real, loving couple.
    But what a waste from serie to serie. It had so much potential. These writers should reimburse all the money they made and never be hired again… Total incompetence.

  2. Posted June 2, 2008 at 7:03 pm | Permalink

    Yep. It was a shame because the series and cast did at least have potential, but the writers and staff (esp. Braga and Berman) really made a mess of things. It was still better than Voyager in my opinion, but that’s really not saying much, and it’s a shame the last Star Trek on tv for awhile ended up being those two series.

    Most of the actors were apparently unhappy with the way the show was handled and the ending in particular as well. It was rather terrible they turned it into a sort of mini TNG episode and the story itself wasn’t terribly satisfying anyway.

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